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Chew + Heal

No Chew Spray For Dogs

No Chew Spray For Dogs

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When you think of your dog, think Chew & Heal. We have redefined what dog care means. There's no more need to worry about what you're giving your dog, or what's in your supplements. Instead, we have created the easiest, most versatile, stylish travel kit with everything you need to care for your furry friend and go out and play a game of catch.

With over a decade of fostering dogs and cats, we've learned that pups should be kept on a daily schedule of vitamins and supplements, just like humans. Every dog has its own background and history, and they deserve a unique treatment that is natural, tasty, and safe.

Features & Details

Safely Deters Pet From Chewing On Objects
Non Stinging
Triple the Bitter
For Indoors & Outdoors
8 Fl Oz

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No Chew Dogs Spray

All Ingredients:

Deionized Water, Bittering Agent, Citric Acid

Stops Dogs, Cats, and Horses from Chewing On:

Spray No Chew evenly on hot spots, summer itch, furniture, etc. Use consistently until undesirable habits are curtailed. Do not spray around the eyes or nose.

How No Chew Works:

To most pets, No Chew has an unappealing taste, making chewing on the particular sprayed object unpleasant, thus decreasing the unwanted behavior. Due to the complexities of taste preferences and behavior issues, results may vary. It is important to monitor your pet’s reaction to No Chew. Be sure your pet is deterred by the taste before leaving them alone with the sprayed object.

Understanding Why Your Pet Chews:

Pets chew for various reasons; teething, exploration, separation anxiety, boredom, and stress. Chewing is natural animal behavior, so the goal is to effectively train your pet to chew on appropriate objects. Be sure your pet has appropriate chewing toys.

For All Breeds & Sizes:

This No Chew Spray is designed for small dogs, large dogs, even massive breeds! This spray is made to treat your pet with love! Recommended on hot spots, summer itch, sores, wounds, bandages, paws, tails and manes, furniture, drapes, and wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works ok

My dog broke his toenail and wouldn’t stop licking it. I know the vet has similar products to stop dogs from pulling out over lines. This worked ok in the beginning. My dog didn’t want to chew or lick the sock covering his paw for the first day. But he seemed to get use to it the next day. I still think it is a good deterant for short term use. I will use this again.

Seems to work

My mom has a new Bassett puppy who is very naughty and just ate a hole in the ottoman lol...I sprayed that down and some other furniture and the legs and so far she hasn't caused anymore damageI could taste the bitter hit my mouth as I was spraying and it wasn't very pleasant....I guess that's the point, but a better sprayer would be helpful. It's a one at a time mister and it would be better as a continuous and semi direct mist. I had a lot to spray and my finger was tired

Will chase you out of the room, dog loves it.

Got this for my puppy after he had eaten a headboard. He loves it, it was shipped with no lid, no box, loose in the bag with other purchases which now smell of this stuff. As far as the anti-chew goes. Works great on humans, not so much on the dog who keeps going back to lick and chew at the spot it was sprayed on the new headboard.

Annette Stallings
worked for my dog

did not have a lasting odor

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